Glutathione Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Glutathione vitamin Infusion Therapy has Glutathione as chief ingredient in SKIN LIGHTENING COCKTAIL
  • A series of treatment results in lighter, faker skin tone
  • Reduces under eye dark circles. acne scaring
  • Enhances the immune system and detoxifies the liver
  • Reduces muscle and jodt discomfit
  • Improves mental focus and clarity
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Reduces the effects of stress and free radicals.

Glutathlone Injection for Skin Whitening

There are many who desire to have fair and rejuvenated skin and keep at bay pigmentation and skin ageing signs. Though they opt for local treatments and home remedies but sometimes they an not effective. However, with the advancement in the field of cosmetology, the infusion of Glutathione Future’ antioxidant is now possible. The Glutathione treatment is safe, affordable and effective. The slam treatment by Glutathione that is offered helps in brightening the skin rejuvenating it and keeping away the signs of ageing.

What Is Glutathione?

Glutathione Is one of the most powerful antioxidant and contains dvee amino acids (Cysteine. glycine and glutamic acid) in bundance. The best part about this antioxidant is that it is very safe and doesn’t have any free radicals or toxins that could ruin your slink, fact it helps In cleansing your skin and removing all impurities and allows you to achieve a brighter complexion With this, you can expect your hyper-pigmentation levels to reduce. It helps in the activation of enzymes that play an important role In the removal of toxins.

What all factors lead to the depletion of Glutathione from the cells?

Pollutants that are present in the environment and a very poor lifestyle that includes poor diet, strenuous exercise, stress are some of the factors that deplete Glutathione.

Glutathione nutritional therapy in kolktata

What are the toxins affect Glutathione?

• Pesticides
• X-Rays
• Herbickles
• Alcohol
• Excessive Barbecued Food Items
• Chlorine
• LN Radiation
• Acetone


When one undertakes Glutathione treatment at Dr Paul’s. Glutathione is delivered with the help of either Glutathione Infections or in the form of tablets / spray. As mentioned before, the tablets do not get absorbed wet and hence, the injections are preferred for quick results.

Glutathione for skin whitening procedure depends on the metabolic response of individuals. Some might see the result in as early as two weeks, while some may take longer. Results also vary on your current skin color.

Below is the standard duration for each skin color:

  • Medium brown skin:1-3 months’
  • Dark brown skin: 3-6 months’
  • Very dark skin: 6-12 months’
  • Black skint 2 years or more

Injectable GSH is directly infused into the vein and is absorbed quickly and Is more effective, The pill is absorbed slower and Is not as effective as the injectable treatment.

You can stop the skin treatment by Glutathione once you achieve the desired results. Having said that, taking the injections of the Glutathione periodically wit actually help in anti-ageing of the skin. in anti-ageing of the skin.

The lasting of the result obtained from the treatment depends on how well you maintain it. You can do it by:
• Avoiding exposure to Sunlight
• Quit Smoking
• Oral Treatment with Vitamin C
• GSH precursors like N-acetyl cysteine